SecurVid Security

PRIVUS SecurVid Security

Private. Secure. Sovereign.

PRIVUS SecurVid is built with Hypersecurity™ and transparency at its core.  We only use open source software, employ dual layers of encryption and are protected by the most privacy-friendly laws in the world due to our Swiss jurisdiction.


Fully End-to-End Encrypted

PRIVUS SecurVid employs two layers of encryption to ensure you can communicate and collaborate with absolute security and privacy.

Open Source

Like all PRIVUS solutions, PRIVUS SecurVid is based on open source software for simple and transparent verification.

Cloud vs. On-Premise Hosting

For the utmost security assurance and to permit full data sovereignty, PRIVUS also offers PRIVUS SecurVid as an on-premise application so our most discerning clients can retain total control of their data infrastructure.

Hop by Hop Encryption

Our first layer of encryption, always on by default and impossible to disable, employs DTLS-SRTP with the ultra-secure AEAD AES256-GCM algorithm to ensure that all connections between our clients and servers are fully encrypted at all times.

Media Layer Encryption

Our second layer of encryption is what guarantees that every PRIVUS SecurVid conference is completely private.  Not even PRIVUS can access communications data.  This leading-edge technology is based on Secure Frame (SFrame) currently only implemented by Chrome and Chrome based browsers like Brave and Chromium. SFrame is not yet available in mainstream browsers. It provides true end-to-end encryption for all PRIVUS SecurVid users that choose to enable this feature. This second layer of encryption sits atop the DTLS-SRTP hop by hop encryption that is always enabled by default and adds another layer of AES256 protected end-to-end encryption to SecurVid meetings. Secure key exchange is performed using lib OLM.

Perpetual Threat Prevention (PTP)™

Powered by ongoing research into the threats of tomorrow, PRIVUS maintains an extensive and proactive product development program. With the frequency and complexity of attacks increasing, PRIVUS’ Hypersecure™ communication solutions are perpetually developed and updated to protect against the next generation of attacks.

No Installation Needed

Unlike other platforms, with PRIVUS SecurVid no application installation, extensions or plugins are required. PRIVUS SecurVid conferences can be accessed on all leading web browsers including Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge and Safari.