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The ultimate digital communications security service built with privacy at its core, available for Android and iOS devices.

What is SecurLine?

It is a smartphone application designed to allow you to speak on the phone, exchange messages, have video and conference calls, all completely secure and private.

We developed SecurLine to be the most advanced, secure and transparent encryption app for smartphones, offering high quality voice and video calls, conference calls, text and image messaging.

We employ the secure AES cypher with robust 256 bit key sizes and the ZRTP protocol, which has been classified internally as “catastrophic” by the NSA, ensuring your data has the highest level of end-to-end encryption and remains absolutely private.

SecurLine works collectively with our network infrastructure to allow your communications to flow directly between devices, enhancing their security, privacy and quality.

SecurLine allows you to reclaim your right to privacy, and empowers your ability to do business on the move while saving on costs. But don’t just take our word for it. The SecurLine code is independently audited and fully verifiable by our clients.

How does it work?


When one SecurLine subscriber calls another, our infrastructure establishes the connection between the two devices, which automatically begin to negotiate a unique ephemeral encryption key for that call only, and solely on those devices.


Once the encryption key has been negotiated, your communication is rendered into meaningless unintelligible bits that can only be decrypted by the other caller’s device. No one else.


Communications are encrypted and flow directly between devices. In addition, the first time two callers connect they are required to authenticate their identity by confirming two randomly generated code words.


After each communication its unique encryption key is deleted permanently from both phones. Consequently, even if they are intercepted, no past calls can be retroactively decrypted should any future encryption keys be compromised.


Text messages are only kept on subscribers’ devices, never on our servers, and may be deleted at any time.


Our three-layer security ensures that neither we nor anyone else has access to your communication or to any encryption key.

SecurLine 2.0
SecurLine Cloud

SecurLine is licensed as Privacy-as-a-Service on an annual, prepaid basis for unlimited use by our subscribers. SecurLine can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play, but requires a licence from Privus® to function. Each licence, and accompanying SecurLine number, may be used on an unlimited number of devices by the same user.

In addition, we offer tailored, turnkey solutions, which allow our clients to administer their own private encrypted network from within their own data centre while benefiting from all the advantages afforded by SecurLine.

SecurLine TurnKey Solutions
private version

The basic set-up, installed in your own or in your company’s data centre. Your server will mimic the Privus® network ensuring all communications benefit from the same levels of privacy and security as our PaaS offering. While you are responsible for administering and provisioning SecurLine numbers to users within a closed corporate network, Privus® will provide support and maintenance on an on-going basis

clients server
pbx version

The Private TurnKey Solution can be enhanced by a link to your corporate PBX, or internal telephone exchange. This allows SecurLine subscribers to call non-subscribers in the office from abroad, safe in the knowledge that the call to the company server is secure and only decrypted once inside your corporate infrastructure

pstn version

Similarly, we can link your Private TurnKey Solution to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), allowing for calls between a SecurLine subscriber and any telephone number, ensuring the call between the subscriber and his office datacentre is encrypted

Installing SecurLine

Download our app from Google Play for your Android device or from the App Store for your iPhone
Privus® will issue you with a unique user number (your SecurLine number) and password – the only information you will need to set up your account on the app
You are now ready to make secure calls and send encrypted messages in absolute privacy. Just call another SecurLine number through the app.

Using SecurLine


We have devoted a great deal to ensuring SecurLine offers the highest quality performance, is intuitive and exceptionally simple to use, without compromising on security or privacy. You can use SecurLine anywhere there is an Internet connection.


To call another SecurLine subscriber, simply dial their SecurLine number and press the telephone icon. Secure messaging is just as easy.


You can set up a video call or a conference call at the touch of a button and, because calls are all peer-to-peer and we use a state of the art codec, the quality is matchless.


Once a call is encrypted you will be shown a yellow or green padlock on your screen. The green padlock denotes that the call is both encrypted and that the callers are authenticated.


The first time you call another subscriber, a yellow padlock will appear and you will both be asked to confirm two randomly generated code words which will pop-up on your screen. This will authenticate the devices and need only be done once. The padlock should now be green.


Messaging is only possible once authentication has been completed with the first call (green padlock).

How can I obtain more information or support?

Contact us through our website or through your assigned customer service representative.