PRIVUS Communication Suite

Hypersecure Communication and Collaboration

Protect all of your communications with the PRIVUS Hypersecure Communications Suite™. Secure video conferencing, instant messaging, voice and video calls, all protected by the PRIVUS Hypersecure Framework™, all in one subscription.

Secure messaging, voice and video calls


Secure video conferencing

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Hypersecure™ Communication and Collaboration

Bulletproof Privacy. Certified for classified government use.

The most advanced encrypted communication applications for smartphones, PRIVUS SecurLine and SecurVid feature HYPERSECURE™ privacy technology, developed by a former NATO Intelligence Service Head of Technical Operations.

Unmatched Multi-Layer Defense


PRIVUS SecurLine is protected by 256-bit AES advanced end-to-end encryption. PRIVUS never has access to your decryption keys or communication data. PRIVUS uses a zero trust architecture with servers located in jurisdictions that uphold privacy. Even in the case of a breach PRIVUS servers cannot reveal user communication.


PRIVUS SecurLine does not collect or store personal data. PRIVUS SecurLine only requests application permissions that are essential for operation.


PRIVUS SecurLine features Advanced Evasion Technology (AET) to ensure communication remain protected globally. Using encrypted tunneling PRIVUS AET provides access to HYPERSECURE™ communication from anywhere, including the world’s most hostile environments.


PRIVUS SecurLine delivers endpoint protection against sophisticated exploits as well as binary integrity so clients have cryptographic proof the app hasn’t been tampered with. PRIVUS SecurLine encrypts all application files separately, including messages, attachments and call history, and stores the keys in the secure enclave of the device where they can’t be extracted or forensically cloned.


Because every voice/video call, message and file is protected by a new ephemeral key, PRIVUS SecurLine is resistant to current and future developments in computing. With a new key for every piece of communication, your privacy is protected now and in the future against high-power computers retroactively decrypting communication.


Our Metadata Minimization Policy ensures that PRIVUS SecurLine collects no personally attributable metadata. This means that we only collect the basic technical information needed to provide support to our clients. Our zero-trust architecture means that even a back-end breach will not compromise any personal data. All metadata is securely wiped within 7 days.

Secure Video Conferencing, Messaging, Voice and Video Calls

From protecting the privacy of your family video conference to ensuring the security of your board meeting, sales call or cabinet meeting there is an annual subscription plan for you. As part of the PRIVUS Hypersecure Communications Suite all subscriptions feature PRIVUS SecurLine and PRIVUS SecurVid allowing you to video conference, call and message with complete security and privacy.

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