Protection in an Increasingly Unstable World

Privacy enables democracy and ensures stability in an increasingly unstable world. To protect against cyber attacks both domestic and foreign, agencies must be able to communicate with complete security. With threats increasing from both state and non-state actors, and the increased risks presented by remote working, privacy is vulnerable like never before.

Developed by a former NATO Intelligence Service Head of Technical Operations PRIVUS allows governments, agencies and departments to keep their sensitive communications completely secure and impenetrable to surveillance. Protected by end-to-end encryption the PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Communication Suite provides:

  • HD Voice and Video Calls

  • Direct and Group Messaging

  • File and Image Sharing

  • HD Video Conferencing

  • Screen Sharing

  • Secure Cloud or Self Hosted On-Premise Options

Certified for Classified Government Communications

PRIVUS SecurLine is certified for classified government communications by an EU/NATO member state. With state certification and ongoing independent code reviews PRIVUS is the Hypersecure™ Communication Suite trusted and used by governments, their agencies and departments across the globe.

Secure Multi-Agency Collaboration

PRIVUS solutions are designed and built to protect all forms of highly sensitive communications, including calls, conferencing, messaging and file transfers, across governments and between agencies. From international diplomatic and business negotiations to domestic security matters, multi-agency collaboration is essential. PRIVUS provides the only Hypersecure™, end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform certified for classified government comms.

Secure Diplomacy Across Borders

Government communication requirements do not end at political borders and neither does the ability of PRIVUS to secure them. From sensitive communications between embassies and trade missions to international pan-governmental collaboration, secure communication channels are essential. With PRIVUS government representatives are able to conduct highly sensitive conversations with complete confidence.

Protection Worldwide

Securing sensitive government communications data in hostile, zero-trust environments is mission critical. With advanced end-to-end encryption and PRIVUS Advanced Evasion Technology™ government communications are protected and will remain private even in the most hostile international territories.


The PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Communication Suite was built to deliver complete communications security, giving you peace of mind in knowing you can collaborate with absolute privacy. Tested and certified by an EU/NATO State for classified government use, your sensitive data is protected at rest and in transit by advanced technical defenses including true end-to-end encryption, zero personal data collection, full endpoint protection and a zero-trust decentralized architecture.

User Friendly

Provide your domestic and internationally based teams with a user-friendly communication solution, loaded with all the features they have come to expect from their personal messaging apps. With instant messaging, voice and video calls, group calls and messaging, video conferencing, file and image sharing they are free to collaborate with complete security and are able to separate their personal and business exchanges.

Trusted Worldwide

The PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Communication Suite is used worldwide by governments and agencies to enable democracy and ensure stability. Contact us to learn how to protect and empower your organization.