Glossary of Terms


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A system is only as strong as its weakest link. Hypersecurity™ ensures that weak links are eliminated when it comes to security and privacy.  Pioneered by PRIVUS, Hypersecurity™ protects communication data by deploying multiple layers of advanced technical defenses that come together to form the Hypersecure™ Framework, all powered by ongoing research and backed by independent verification.

Advanced Evasion Technology™ (AET)

To ensure that communications channels remain available and secure in hostile environments PRIVUS developed Advanced Evasion Technology™.  AET uses a range of defensive technologies including encrypted tunneling allowing access to Hypersecure™ communications from anywhere. 

Zero Trust Architecture

For unmatched communication security PRIVUS solutions are built on a decentralized architecture that does now allow us access to your decryption keys or communications data. This ensures that even in the event of a server or back-end breach your message data cannot be compromised.

Perpetual Threat Prevention™ (PTP)

To protect against the threats of tomorrow, Perpetual Threat Prevention™ is the ongoing PRIVUS research and product development program.  In a world where the frequency and complexity of attacks are increasing PRIVUS solutions are, and will always be, developed and updated to protect against the next generation of attacks. 

Hypersecure™ Communication Suite (HSCC)

The PRIVUS Hypersecure Communication Suite™ was built to deliver complete communications security, giving you peace of mind in knowing you can collaborate with absolute privacy. All of the apps in the suite are user-friendly and loaded with all the features you have come to expect from your personal messaging apps. With instant messaging, voice and video calls, group calls and messaging, video conferencing, file and image sharing, you are free to connect with complete security knowing your privacy is protected by PRIVUS.

Zero Personal Data (ZPD)

All PRIVUS applications conform to our strict Zero Personal Data policy. Unlike other messaging platforms PRIVUS does not collect or store any personal data. We neither collect nor upload your contact details, address book, location, purchase history or any other form of personally identifiable information. We never have and we never will.

Minimal Metadata Policy

PRIVUS applications collect no personally attributable metadata. Metadata minimization means that we only collect the basic technical information needed to provide support to our clients. This data does not include message data. All metadata is securely wiped within 7 days.