Protect more than your Communication

Communication and collaboration are the lifeblood of business. Today more than ever, the security of your business communications is under threat.

We believe that privacy drives success, growth and innovation. Organizations of all sizes need to protect their data, reputation, IP and customer information in a world of increasing threats to information security if they want to prosper in this new age.

Regardless of location, PRIVUS safeguards your team’s ability to communicate and collaborate freely. From messaging and file sharing to video conferences, voice and video calls, with PRIVUS your business communications remain absolutely secure and free of surveillance. Protected by end-to-end encryption the PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Communication suite provides:

  • HD Voice and Video Calls

  • Direct and Group Messaging

  • File and Image Sharing

  • HD Video Conferencing

  • Screen Sharing

  • Secure Cloud or Self Hosted On-Premise Options


The PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Communication Suite is built to deliver complete communication security, giving you peace of mind in knowing you can collaborate with absolute privacy.  Tested and certified by an EU/NATO State, your data is protected at rest and in transit by advanced technical defenses including true end-to-end encryption, zero personal data collection, full endpoint protection and a zero-trust, decentralized architecture.

Take Back Control

The increasingly unstable world of business communication faces a dilemma: continue to use insecure communication platforms, allow users to use their own insecure messaging apps or limit communication methods. PRIVUS solutions are built for privacy and designed for business, allowing organizations retake control of their most valuable asset – their data.

User Friendly

Provide your team with a user-friendly communication solution, loaded with all the features they have come to expect from their personal messaging apps. With instant messaging, voice and video calls, group calls and messaging, video conferencing, file and image sharing they are free to collaborate with complete security and are able to separate their personal and business exchanges.

Trusted Worldwide

The PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Communication Suite is used worldwide by corporate customers across all sectors to drive success, growth and innovation. Contact us to learn how to protect and empower your organization.