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Individuals, businesses and governments across the globe trust PRIVUS to protect their sensitive communications.


Client Testimonials


“Highly recommended for privacy-conscious organizations and individuals seeking bulletproof security and functionality at any point on the globe. PRIVUS SecurLine usability and HD audio are best-in-class, and indispensable during these unprecedented times.”

Lewis C. Merletti
19th Director of the United States Secret Service



”PRIVUS protects our most sensitive communications. When you’re responsible for saving hundreds of millions, only the best will do, and PRIVUS’s Secure Comms has weathered every test. We’re proud users of PRIVUS’s suite of security products, and heartily recommend them to all those who have serious security needs.”

Mitchell Amador
CEO Immunefi


”In an era where communication security has never been more crucial FIRMA handles sensitive Intelligence on deals and negotiations on a daily basis. FIRMA proudly trusts PRIVUS with its classified communications. As an independent, Government certified company and FIRMA’s Global Alliance Strategic Technology & Security Partner, PRIVUS provides a cutting-edge service that is ideal for any agency or business that aims to protect sensitive communications and erase any risk of surveillance.”

Bernardo Theotónio Pereira


In a world where communications systems are hacked on a daily basis we had to ensure we had the best protection available for our sensitive communications. We chose PRIVUS to protect our communications for multiple reasons: its bulletproof security and privacy, the fact it is a European company based on open source and hosted in Europe, its security technology that is certified by a NATO nation’s National Security Authority, it works anywhere in the world and is easy to use on any modern smartphone with all the features that users expect. We highly recommend PRIVUS to any government, organization or individual seeking bulletproof security in these dangerous times.

Jeanette Marschner
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Angelgate AG



“PRIVUS SecurLine has empowered my global team with secure and reliable communications. The support from PRIVUS is first-class: my issues are always addressed in an efficient and polite manner, allowing me to focus on what matters most. The technology that SecurLine offers is like no other, allowing my team to communicate efficiently and securely about sensitive client matters. Lastly the app is extremely user friendly, allowing some of our less tech-savvy team members to be able to use it with ease.”

John Jennings
CTO International Law Firm

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All PRIVUS subscriptions include SecurVid for secure, feature rich video conferencing and SecurLine for instant messages and HD voice and video calls.


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