Protecting privacy in hostile territories

In an earlier post we covered the app privacy features that were announced at the Apple WWDC. These features included a function called “Private Relay”, which is designed to hide web browsing data from Apple, internet companies and advertisers. 

It has now come out that this protection will not be available to users in China or a list of other countries including Belarus and Saudi Arabia.

How do you protect the security of your communications and the privacy of your calls, messages and video conferences in hostile territories? To achieve this you must protect the communications data and protect access to the system.

First you need to ensure your communication apps are secure. 

  • Do they use end-to-end encryption? 

  • Do they run on a zero knowledge architecture where they do not have access to the decryption keys? 

  • Do they collect personal data? 

  • What metadata do the collect?

  • Where are the servers located?

  • Have they been certified by independent authorities?

Second you must use systems that are available anywhere, including in hostile environments where the communications infrastructure is not secure. In these environments the infrastructure is, or can be, compromised. This means it is not only communications data that is at risk but also the ability to access the communications system.

Secure calls, messages and video conferences on PRIVUS are protected by the Hypersecure Communications Framework and are available everywhere thanks to PRIVUS Advanced Evasion Technology. With end-to-end encryption and a zero knowledge architecture combined with zero personal data collection, PRIVUS protects your communications data and your privacy.

If your environment is not secure: protect your personal data, secure your communications data, protect access to your communications apps and services.

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PRIVUS Hypersecure Communications Suite: Secure video conferencing, instant messaging, voice and video calls.

PRIVUS – Privacy First, Security Always

PRIVUS was created to deliver complete communication security and peace of mind, knowing you can collaborate and communicate with total security and absolute privacy. The privacy of our users, – including governments, businesses and individuals – drives us to design, build and deliver the world’s only Hypersecure communication and collaboration solutions. While other providers collect, store, sell or share their users’ data with third parties or official agencies, PRIVUS does not and never will. Our zero- trust architecture does not allow us access to users decryption keys, hence PRIVUS does not have access to our users’ encrypted communications data.