iOS15: message app privacy and app tracker reports

Apple device users will soon be able to see when their messaging and video apps request access to privacy related features plus which third parties they have connected with over the last 7 days.

The new app privacy report was announced at the WWDC. The new privacy report builds on from Apple’s existing privacy nutrition labels that show users what kinds of permissions apps ask for. The new feature will allow users to discover when an app used the permissions it has been given and also what third-party websites it contacted or sent data to.

The existing privacy nutrition tables already demonstrate the differences between messaging apps that do, and do not value privacy.

WhatsApp privacy nutrition label.

WhatsApp privacy nutrition label.

PRIVUS SecurLine privacy nutrition label.

PRIVUS SecurLine privacy nutrition label.

PRIVUS users can already answer the question of which messaging app is the most private. PRIVUS applications only request access to the resources they need for operation. No personal data is collected and no third-parties are involved.

These privacy friendly features form part of the PRIVUS Hypersecure Communications Framework. With end-to-end encryption and a zero knowledge architecture combined with zero personal data collection, PRIVUS protects your communications data and your privacy.

We welcome the new Apple app privacy reports and recommend that everyone checks their messaging, talk and video conference apps to discover how private, or not, they really are. 

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PRIVUS was created to deliver complete communication security and peace of mind, knowing you can collaborate and communicate with total security and absolute privacy. The privacy of our users, – including governments, businesses and individuals – drives us to design, build and deliver the world’s only Hypersecure communication and collaboration solutions. While other providers collect, store, sell or share their users’ data with third parties or official agencies, PRIVUS does not and never will. Our zero- trust architecture does not allow us access to users decryption keys, hence PRIVUS does not have access to our users’ encrypted communications data.