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We call on our messaging apps, chat during video conferences, group video call on both messaging and conferencing apps. The boundaries between communications applications are mixing. How we communicate and collaborate is changing. The difference between a video conference and a group video call is dependant on if the attendees are in your contacts. Yet sadly there are commonalities between different apps. All of the popular video conferencing and messaging apps do not secure their users data and privacy.

Today PRIVUS announced the launch of the PRIVUS Hypersecure Communications Suite™ (HCS). Combining secure video conferencing with PRIVUS SecurVid and secure instant messaging, voice and video calls and file sharing PRIVUS HCS users are able to communicate and collaborate with contacts inside and outside their networks.

Secure Messaging, Voice and Video Calls

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Bulletproof Privacy. Certified for classified government use.

The most advanced encrypted communication applications for smartphones, PRIVUS SecurLine and SecurVid feature HYPERSECURE™ privacy technology, developed by a former NATO Intelligence Service Head of Technical Operations.

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Secure Video Conferencing, Messaging, Voice and Video Calls

From protecting the privacy of your family video conference to ensuring the security of your board meeting, sales call or cabinet meeting there is an annual subscription plan for you. As part of the PRIVUS Hypersecure Communications Suite all subscriptions feature PRIVUS SecurLine and PRIVUS SecurVid allowing you to video conference, call and message with complete security and privacy.

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We believe that privacy drives success, growth and innovation. It enables democracy and ensures stability in an increasingly unstable world. This belief in privacy is at the core of our business and product design. To enable anyone to evaluate the security and privacy of their current video conferencing, instant messaging, voice and video call apps PRIVUS has released the Hypersecure Communications Framework.

PRIVUS – Privacy First, Security Always

PRIVUS was created to deliver complete communication security and peace of mind, knowing you can collaborate and communicate with total security and absolute privacy. The privacy of our users, – including governments, businesses and individuals – drives us to design, build and deliver the world’s only Hypersecure communication and collaboration solutions. While other providers collect, store, sell or share their users’ data with third parties or official agencies, PRIVUS does not and never will. Our zero- trust architecture does not allow us access to users decryption keys, hence PRIVUS does not have access to our users’ encrypted communications data.

Protect all of your communications with the PRIVUS HCS. Secure video conferencing, instant messaging, voice and video calls, all protected by the PRIVUS Hypersecure Framework™, all in one subscription.