PRIVUS Secures Communications for the EU Presidency

On the 1st January 2021 PRIVUS announced that its Hypersecure Messaging App, SecurLine had been selected to protect the communications of Portugal’s presidency of the Council of the EU. Following a successful rollout PRIVUS is proud to be providing Portugal’s presidency of the Council of the EU with secure messaging, voice and video calls.

With under a month left of the rolling 6 month term PRIVUS is committed to ensuring that this Presidency will have the highest levels of communication security and will allow for remote collaboration with the same levels of privacy as in person meetings.

PRIVUS CEO Henrique Corrêa da Silva said, “The entire PRIVUS team was thrilled when we were selected to protect the calls and messages of Portugal’s presidency of the Council of the EU. We believe that privacy drives success, growth and innovation. It enables democracy and ensures stability in an increasingly unstable world. This belief in privacy is at the core of our business and product design.”

PRIVUS – Privacy First, Security Always

PRIVUS was created to deliver complete communication security and peace of mind, knowing you can collaborate and communicate with total security and absolute privacy. The privacy of our users, – including governments, businesses and individuals – drives us to design, build and deliver the world’s only Hypersecure communication and collaboration solutions. While other providers collect, store, sell or share their users’ data with third parties or official agencies, PRIVUS does not and never will. Our zero- trust architecture does not allow us access to users decryption keys, hence PRIVUS does not have access to our users’ encrypted communications data.