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Privus’s unwavering commitment to privacy affords our clients significant benefits, complementing and enhancing the technical advantages we use in every solution we develop.

Advantages of Working with Privus

Our independence and unmatched transparency, together with our unique experience and technological know-how underpin our clients' trust in our solutions.

Advantages of SecurLine

SecurLine 2.0 takes state-of-the-art to a whole new level.

Advantages of working with Privus®

Privacy first

We have structured our whole existence to ensure our clients’ privacy and the security of their communications.

Fully independent

We are free to focus entirely on our objectives. Our obligation is, above all, to our clients.

Maximum transparency

All our solutions are based on tried and tested open source software for maximum transparency and to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.

Trust, but verify

We can disclose the full source code of our applications to clients. No one else is this transparent!

Private data

We protect your data to the point of paranoia and we have constructed our solutions to mimimise any leakage of metadata.

Easy to use

We make sure all our solutions are simple, intuitive and accessible to anyone. We want you to have peace of mind, we will do the rest.

Advantages of SecurLine

ZRTP protocol

State-of-the-art security with “military grade” encryption. The ZRTP protocol we employ has been classified internally as “catastrophic” by the NSA as shown by recent Snowden leaks.

AES cipher with 256-bit key size

We employ the super secure AES cipher with 256-bit key size, which is also the cipher and key size required by the NSA for US Government classified communications at the Top Secret level (highest).

Biometric authentication

Users are now able to secure the privacy of their SecurLine application with fingerprint biometric authentication, where available, reinforcing the encryption used for your SecurLine database.


It is impossible for us, or anyone else for that matter, to listen to your communications since the encryption keys are generated on the fly on your device and the audio/video is instructed to flow directly between devices, not through our servers.

Perfect forward secrecy

Encryption keys are generated only on the device for each communication, providing perfect forward secrecy and protection against any future key compromise. Every communication will generate a new ephemeral encryption key that is definitively destroyed at the end of the call.

Enhance your mobility

Our subscribers have no limits on calls or messaging and are able to use SecurLine anywhere they have a good Internet connection.

Reduce roaming costs

Call home or the office from abroad securely at no additional cost and without paying roaming fees.

High definition

High definition crystal clear sound and video calls, with conferencing and SMS/MMS capabilities available worldwide.

No hardware needed

No additional hardware is required for our solutions.

Available for iOS and Android

No need to carry a second phone just for secure calls. Easily install our app on your current high-end smartphone.

Your private data is truly bulletproof

Our clients trust SecurLine to protect their privacy in an increasingly hostile digital environment,
wherever they may be.