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Privus® is a Swiss-based company, born out of our experience in real world digital surveillance and the urgent need to bring privacy back under the control of the individual.

What We Do

We develop full-spectrum, user-friendly solutions which guarantee the security and privacy of all your digital communications. Our view of privacy, combined with real world experience in sophisticated electronic surveillance, allows us to develop these solutions with privacy and security as their essential building blocks.

Trust But Verify

Privus® was founded on the certainty that any digital security and privacy application must have its source code open to independent review. Anything else requires blind trust which negates the need for privacy.

Our Team

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to the design of user-friendly enterprise solutions that maximize privacy. Everything we do, from our choice of jurisdiction to our zero-knowledge network architecture and the minimization of user metadata, we do to ensure your data is secure and kept private.

Boost your digital privacy

We exist to provide effective protection in an increasingly pervasive hostile digital environment where violations of your privacy have become the norm.