At PRIVUS we believe that privacy drives success, growth and innovation. It enables democracy and ensures stability in an increasingly unstable world.  This belief in privacy is at the core of our business and product design and ensures that the communications of our clients remains confidential.

The privacy of our users, including governments, businesses and individuals drives us to design, build and deliver the world’s only Hypersecure™ communication and collaboration solutions. While other communication providers collect, store, sell or share their users’ data with third parties or official agencies, PRIVUS does not and never will. Due to our zero-trust architecture, PRIVUS does not have access to our users’ encrypted communications data. 

PRIVUS is committed to this Privacy First approach. We operate with transparency and cooperate with law enforcement while protecting the privacy of our users and their communications. PRIVUS will only respond to a valid warrant issued by a Swiss court, an occurrence that would be swiftly published on our transparency report.

Due to the fact that messages are not stored on our servers and that PRIVUS does not hold the decryption keys, combined with our Metadata Minimization policy, no communication data is available to us. Our Zero Personal Data Collection policy ensures that no personal information is collected or stored, and therefore cannot be released.

At a time when privacy is threatened globally and domestically the PRIVUS Hypersecure™ Framework, has set us on our path to becoming the global reference in privacy and HYPERSECURE™ communication.


Founded by a Career Intelligence Operative and Chief of Technical Operations at a NATO Intelligence Service PRIVUS is born of on-the-ground experience in digital surveillance and cyber warfare.


PRIVUS SecurLine for voice and messaging along with PRIVUS SecurVid for videoconferencing come together to form the world’s most complete Hypersecure™ Communication Suite.