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Privacy for
the digital age

Privacy is an inherent human right. It is at the heart of what we do. It is in our DNA.


Protect your communications, empower your business

SecurLine by Privus® was designed with absolute privacy at its core, protecting sensitive communications wherever you are.


Fully compliant
with GDPR

Our solutions have always been private and secure
by design and by default. It is simply how we do things.


Quantum Resistant Architecture

Our "Quantum Resistant" protocols and our modular architecture allow us to keep one step ahead of any developments in quantum computing.


Privacy is at the Core of Our Existence

Privacy is not only an unalienable human right, it is also the basis of our dignity as free men and women, but it has been severely eroded recently. Privus® was born out of a need to return privacy to the individual. It is our overriding objective.

We Protect the Privacy of Your Communications

Privus® employs the most advanced, open source based software and encryption algorithms to make sure no one, absolutely no one, can intercept your communications. Not even us.

We Empower Your Mobility

Our hardware agnostic solutions allow you to communicate even the most sensitive information wherever you may be, saving time and money. Trusted and verifiable, they afford you the necessary privacy and security to ensure your peace of mind.

  • phone calls
  • messaging
  • conference calls
  • video calls
secure comunication

Unbreakable, true end-to-end encryption with military-grade security ensures absolute privacy for your communications.

SecurLine 2.0

Regain your privacy and enhance your mobility.
Securline by Privus® - The ultimate digital privacy service that guarantees the security of your phone calls, video calls, conference calls and messages.


Encrypted. Private. Secure.

More About Privus®

Our Team

Our experienced, international team is passionate about the individual’s right to privacy. We are paranoid so you don’t have to be.

Competitive Advantages

We use only tried-and-tested open source security protocols and top-level encryption, which is both verifiable and independently auditable.

Privacy Solutions

Privus® is fully compliant with Europe’s GDPR. All our solutions offer privacy by design and by default.